Dedications to my Teachers.

This page is dedicated to my many teachers within the human restoration movement. Without these men of integrity I would not be the being that I am today.

The health ranger Mike Adams was my first teacher who introduced me to alternative information, thank you Mike.

Jesse Ventura and his hit TV show Conspiracy Theory, taught me a great deal in a short time, and expanded my point of view further. Thank you Jesse.

Jesse Ventura introduced me to my next teacher Alex Jones. Alex’s website is one of the most preeminent websites in the human restoration movement. Due to Alex’s dedication he aided me to remove several prejudiced beliefs from my state of consciousness to prepare me for greater adventures in the future. Thank you Alex.

Alex Jones then introduced me to another teacher who would take my knowledge to new heights, his name is David Icke. Thank you David.

David Icke led me to Chris Everard who taught me about shamanism, hallucinogenic plants and the spirit world. Chris also has aided me to expand my point of view, by compelling me to remove several prejudiced beliefs from my conscious state, thank you Chris.


I was also introduced to my next teacher by Alex Jones his name is Jordan Maxwell. He is one of the top researchers and scholars to ever grace the human family. Thank you Jordan for your tireless work, and your immeasurable courage.

Jordan Maxwell introduced me to my next teacher, commonly regarded as Freemasonry’s greatest pupil Manly P. Hall.

I found my next teacher by scanning YouTube for information relating to extra-terrestrials. Alex Collier taught me that proof is not necessarily found in documents or video footage, but proof can also be in the details. Thank you Alex for expanding my consciousness.

My next teacher taught me the art form of discussion and debating, that wise man was Socrates of Greece.

My next teacher taught me subliminal messages, the beauty and depravity of the human experience, and unlocked deeper insights into the nature of life, thank you Stanley Kubrick.

I learned of my next teacher’s insights while he appeared on the Alex Jones Show for his first and only appearance. He is the first person I have ever placed on a pedestal and said I want to be like them, he is Michael Tsarion. Thank you Michael my life has become much richer due to your tireless research and constructive seminars.

My next teacher expanded my perception of neutrality, and I have benefited in my personal life ever since I found his radio show. Thank you Jeff Rense.

I found Jay Weidner while listening to a Jeff Rense broadcast, and due to Jay’s information have learned deeper insights into the meanings of life. Thank you Jay.