The Difference Between Heroes and Villains

The titles hero and villain have existed with many derivatives since the early days of humankind, and from even earlier in unrecorded history, where all events were just dreams of what could be.

The title villain conjures an image in our minds eye of a humanoid with red skin and horns, or a man with a goatee beard, wearing a red formal shirt, with a black top hat, black formal dress pants, black wingtip shoes and a long black robe with piercing, burning eyes.

The title of hero conjures an image in our minds eye of a man or woman surrounded by white light, wearing a white robe with kind and bright eyes.

These are the archetypal images of the hero and villain, but I am more interested in explaining the process which creates, defines and clearly separates these titles.

What if I were to explain to you, that all villains were of the impression that they were performing a service to their fellow beings? What if I explained to you that their desire was to do good work, rather than evil work?

Would this change your perspective of these characters? Many would suggest that the work of a villain is to control and strangle any competition, and this demonstrates this character is a villain.

On the surface this would seem to be accurate, and it is not a completely dishonest statement, but it is a surface observation, my work is to understand the foundations that lie below the surface, and to elevate them to the surface, so they may be observed and considered by others.

All work of control is too carefully calculated and implemented to be an accident, so would only be implemented with a desire to limit damage from spreading. This control actually represents a shield of protection, and those that have designed its architecture have the intention of preserving life rather than condemning life.

The “self appointed elite” wish to prevent the spread of disease with m.d medicine, they wish to prevent the spread of violence with police, courts and prisons, they wish to prevent the spread of emotional despair with psychiatry.

Yet for all of these intentions of safety and security more violence, disease and trauma is created, for these elements of pain are learning experiences, in seeking to suppress them, more are created. In suppressing the feelings of pain, pain then multiplies to survive.

Pain is a natural part of life, it exists for our temporary growth, but it does not exist for us to be defined by, we exist to find and live with love, but if we are surrounded by pain, this multiplies our pain, which prevents us from finding the love that would set us free from our shackles of pain.

I am reminded of the classic film “The Truman Show.” Truman Burbank played by Jim Carey, was an unwanted pregnancy so he was selected by a Television producer Cristof played by Ed Harris, to be the star of his concept of reality television.

The vision of Cristof would make Truman feel safe and secure with who he is, rather than being viewed as an outcast and outsider who was unwanted by his mother and father, therefore the society that birthed him.

From a psychological profile it would appear that Cristof was not interested in controlling Truman, but was interested in protecting Truman from an often violent and cold world. Cristof then has empathy for Truman, and this is likely caused by Cristof’s own life experience, so he wishes to protect Truman from a world that could not protect him.

Cristof feels as if he has been divinely chosen to be Truman’s carer, and to save Truman from the world and from himself. Cristof feels that Truman is not qualified to think or live for himself, so in this vision of protecting Truman, Cristof is actually preventing Truman from finding himself.

This process eats away at Truman’s self image, which inadvertently causes Truman to feel the feelings of disconnection, loneliness and despair Cristof sought to prevent. These feelings arise if we are living in a manner that is unnatural to our nature. We are meant to be social, we are meant to love and to share our love with others, this is our connection to life itself, love is life and life is love, they are synonymous and inseparable partners in life.

Cristof is his despair that Truman is leaving the film set, is actually resenting Truman and working actively to prevent Truman from breaking the spell that Cristof has woven over his life.

As Truman works closer and closer to his own freedom from Cristof, Cristof uses his resources to fight and physically injure Truman in a desperate attempt for Truman to give up and remain in his captivity, the boat scene is the most scene that most reflects the true relationship between Cristof and Truman.

In Truman’s attempts to break free from Cristof, Cristof realizes that Truman no longer needs him, but Cristof needs to feel needed by Truman, because Cristof unlike Truman has never worked on curing his own personal limitations.

Cristof created this world for Truman, due to Cristof’s need to be needed. This neediness is the very reason that Truman had this world created and maintained for him by Cristof. Cristof is damaged and uses Truman as a means to prevent his own recovery from that damage.

This relationship is the same that exists between the “self appointed elite” of this world and us the alleged “commoners,”. The elite who are damaged use that damage as justification to prevent us from discovering ourselves, because if we knew who we were we would not need them, so they need us to need them, for they feel unwanted as Cristof did.

Villains feel as if they must save others due to the pain that they suffered as children, but separate themselves from those they wish to protect, as a means of shielding themselves from the damage their control is inflicting upon their fellow beings.

The “self appointed elite” in their isolation, then would feel disconnected and unwanted, so would begin to harbor revenge fantasies for eliminating those that despise them. To achieve this the “self appointed elite” require secrecy, and construct strict hierarchies to enforce obedience into the hearts of their acolytes.

This need for separation and the continued justification of their own supremacy, demonstrates that they are unconscious villains, for if they were heroes they would desire connection and unity rather than separation and division.

There are many who would say that since institutionalized pedophilia and the decadence known as satanic rituals are being inflicted against children and adults, this is obvious evidence of the wicked nature of the “self-appointed elite”.

Obviously this is evidence of the disconnection between the “self-appointed elite” and the remainder of the population, these are acts against decency, I wish to explain this from a different point of view though.

That point of view is understanding the “self-appointed elite’s” deepest beliefs, so I imagine they were co-opted into believing that to complete their work they must slow down the aging process, so children and the young are ideal sacrifices for this goal.

They might feel justified in inflicting these types of acts for the greater good, however this is still more evidence of their insanity/dementia disconnection from the common energy stream.

If a group of people claim to be working on behalf of the common good, yet are willing to do anything to achieve this, this is insanity at its core. In controlling and limiting nature, we create chaos with order, and sacrifice decency and dignity upon the altar of the greater good.

Heroes do not seek control over others, they seek equality and to achieve equality they must never place themselves above others, but alongside others. Heroes are never alone, heroes inspire their companions, and always can find others to share their vision with.

A heroes open and honest nature is what makes them so attractive to potential companions, and as their companions soon discover these Heroes give much more praise then they do criticism.

A Heroes companions then begin a transformation process where they are inspired to be heroes themselves, and so love is shared between the companions and like a ripple in a pond that love expands to touch others, who then become a part of the heroes ripples, and they begin to expand the distance that ripple can travel.

The greatest examples of their genuine spirit, is others are devoted to them, this requires no obedience for they all share love with each other.

The hero never places themselves above others, but alongside others for each are connected to life, and are each integral parts of the spinning wheel of the universe, which uses love as its energy source and its core desire is for all beings to feel that love and to share it.

As a society we require a foundation of ethics to guide us, rules are not ethical due to their limiting nature. Rules are enforced by institutions that possess no heart, hence the dim and sterilized nature of institutions.

It is not the responsibility of one soul to determine for all souls how they should all exist, but all souls are encouraged to create new possibilities or choices for others to consider.

Part of our nature is to rise above our limitations, creativity is our nature. We are creators, so we must continue to evolve, to remove our dependence on other gods, for if we are creators, we are gods too.

We do not require technology for us to advance, for we are already advanced beings. But we do require our hearts to be healed, and once healed then we can demonstrate our true strength, by unlocking the natural gifts that we have at our disposal.

We have presently forgotten how to use these gits, due to our lives being driven by our minds rather than our hearts, and those minds are directed by the institutions who are disconnected from their hearts.

If we wish to be the gods that we were born to be, we should probably learn to act like it, which requires us to discover the ethics that dwell within our hearts waiting for us to be activated, those ethics are the practice of humility.


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