The Fall of Patriarchy.

In my last article I explained that there was no existing apparatus that supported a natural existence for humanity, this article has been formulated to provide a glimpse of what that world could like.

The existing societal structure was built to keep souls locked in, and this Archon model of city states will likely remain, so I do not wish to destroy this model, but build a different model, so the inhabitants of this earth plane can decide for themselves how they would rather live their lives.

This model would exist as a counter balance to deter the Archon aggression, in deterring the spread of aggression, we are limiting its spores from spreading to other victims to become perpetrators, in this we are creating balance.

There are two major institutional doctrines, which hold dominion over the spirits of humankind they are patriarchal therefore aggressive in nature, these are the doctrines of god and Satan. These doctrines are represented by Christians, Jews, Catholics, Muslims, Hindus etc, where the other side is represented by the church of Satan, the golden dawn, Freemasons, skull and bones, bohemian grove, mothers of darkness etc.

One side of the fight is reserved for the commoners (those who give their lives to god) and the other side is for aristocrats (those who give their lives to Satan), yet both of these groups are living on behalf of the Archons, who created both groups to divide us and rule us, while they siphon energy from all who are fighting.

Both are adversarial to each other, (as far as the followers are concerned) in a battle for personal profit and supremacy over the spirits of humanity, which has created the existing cycles of revenge within the pages of human history.

Yet both doctrines are opposed to the goddess Sophia, otherwise known as Gaia the earth mother or the cosmic mother, the source of life, and those who live with her energy, typically the Gnostic’s, and other native indigenous cultures.

The war over the earth plane and the souls upon it, has occurred for millennia, it will take time to correct this sickness of body/mind/spirit, but we must aid Sophia in her correction, so we can all eventually live with her energy, rather than a few living at the expense of the many.

This model for society, would be above and beyond the laws of man/patriarchy, for we would be serving natural law and the goddess Sophia who created it, for the balance of all. We would use the energy provided to us in our life, to serve Sophia and her natural laws.

This means we must use our spirit energy as a weapon against the Archons and their captive minions, and use non violence as a weapon against those of our brothers and sisters who enforce the Archons doctrines against us.

These state sponsored employees are living with darkness, but they can still be brought back to the light, but first we must build a sanctuary where we can implement our light work, to aid Sophia in the re-birthing of the Earth plane from darkness/sickness to light baring/health.

This requires us to oppose the doctrines of god and Satan/ the Archons, so the goddess (that requires no worship) can bare her fruits upon us her light children.

As far as the structure of this societal model, I will now present the ideological blueprint of this model of society, that which binds us together in common unity.

Rather than priests we will have priestesses. The priestess is a closer reflection of the divine than any priest could be. The feminine energy is sacred, for it is this energy blueprint that births children, as the Goddess Sophia birthed us all.

The priestesses are charged to instruct men and children in the wisdom of Sophia, where the men are charged as a warrior class to defend the priestesses, and the divine children.

In this the divine children will act as the guides to the priestesses, none are closer to the divine light than children, so in this model of society children are venerated as channels to the divine.

They have been provided to us as a species to direct us to our natural path of living, which is to live a part form the Archon societal model.

In this community we are all taught the sacred divine arts of humanity, these are the shamanic healing rituals/ceremonies of horticulture/agriculture/agrarian living, we live with and build around the earth, not on top of it, and we certainly do not suck it dry for material wealth, which is used against all other life.

We will practice and instruct in the ways of natural medicine, the natural philosophy of the story of the goddess Sophia, alchemical martial arts, meditation, yoga, sacred geometry and other arts of creation manifestation, massage, acupuncture, reiki, aromatherapy, sound healing and many other practices.

The goal of using and instructing others in the natural arts, we are living with nature, and are elevating our energy field/light bodies to our natural state which is at the bosom of the goddess Sophia.

In this act we are accepting her energy offerings, to aid in our soul discovery, we would re-aligning our intentions.

In channeling that energy, we can use it not only to maintain our natural self, we can also use it to maintain the balance of humanities self, by using that energy to oppose aggressive energy use.

In that act of aggressive defense, we demonstrate our absolute love for ourselves. In dedicating our lives to this cause, we must leave all previous identities behind, for they would hinder us in our mission to safeguard the earth plane.

We would be required to leave behind our motherlands/nations, our motherlands native tongues, our motherlands ethnicity, our motherlands nationalities and in doing so become one with our true mother, mother earth the goddess Sophia.

This would require us to re-learn our natural language, telepathic communication. Words are a weapon that we are unknowingly using against each other every day, words can be easily misinterpreted, but energy reading cannot be misrepresented we would have instant understanding of another souls motives towards us.

Words are therefore the greatest virus ever known to humanity, they divide us from ourselves. So in this new societal model, we must reclaim our natural energy and use it as it was intended, no more words only actions. The less words we use, the more natural energy is at our disposal.

In connecting our energy to the energy of the earth mother, we can direct that energy against those who are dedicated to harming the earth mothers life giving energy.

An example of this would be for us to channel our energy against corporations who are fracking, or who are creating deforestation, or those who are over fishing, or those who are employed to dredge, or those who are siphoning oil, earth metals and minerals.

We would not be attacking the corporate workers with our energy, we would be giving it those groups such as the wilderness society and other similar groups to shroud those protesters in a protective energy field, so they can outlast and wear down the corporate workers until they submit to the energy of the goddess Sophia.

Most give their life energy unwittingly to aid the father in the abuse of the mother, all of the occupations, professions and trades of today accumulate their collective energy in this abuse of the earth mother.

We have no occupations, trades or professions as living beings, we have a life mission, that mission is to preserve, protect and defend the earth mother, our mother from the occupations, trades and professions and life mission of the father.

We use the mothers wisdom and the fathers strength, to create unity and balance for all who desire it. In this act we harness and harmonize the energies of feminine and masculine, merging them together for a common cause, preservation of life, rather than taking life.

The mother is merciful and kind therefore wise, where the father in contrast is vengeful and cruel therefore foolish. The mother loves where the father rages. The mother has wisdom, where the father has strength, one preserves life, where the other takes life, where should we give our energy?

This is a great question that life poses to us, and we as individuals have the freedom to decide what we wish to live for, for better or for worse.

I adore the mother Sophia and any others who do, I welcome you to join my light family in this pursuit, if you have the courage.


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