What Is Beyond The Flat Earth?

This concept receives much criticism, yet how many have investigated this concept to the same degree as they have criticized those who speak of it?

It has been said there is nothing beyond the flat earth in the alternative media, I am writing this to explain that there is more beyond the flat earth than we know.

This Earth plane has been designed for a specific purpose, that is one to stimulate the growth of humanity from spiritual infancy, to everlasting spiritual awareness. But to accomplish this feat, we must be provided with challenges to stimulate that inner growth.

Those challenges are provided to us by the institutions of patriarchy, represented by the masculine energy dominated institutions of state sponsored religion, science, media, education, medicine, psychology etc.

These institutions have worked for countless generations to remake living beings into beings that they desire, in this case they want us to be like them.

How does this fit in with the flat earth concept though? The Archons have constructed this society into a playpen for us, so they could study our soul behavior. But in desiring to remake us, they were caged themselves, it is for this reason they want out of the playpen.

They would likely have never anticipated, that as soon as they invaded this plane they were destined to be trapped within the plane. It seems to me, that as soon as the Archons invaded, the aeons (those that constructed the universe and earth plane/ the grand architects of the universe) immediately constructed a shielding and dome structures, to act as a net to contain a pathogen, which was the Archon influence.

This is likely why every empire was created, to break out of the earth plane, so every empire required a religious institution to enforce a divine edict of conquest. This religious institution would then extort and terrorize any independent cultures, into abandoning their cultures knowledge of living with the earth rather than deforming it by building monstrous buildings at its expense.

This empire also required an economic system to gather the funds required to support that religious institution to enslave the people to it. This empire also required a military force, to enforce and protect the economic system and religious institution, which all worked as one wave of corrupting energy to shatter the rural, indigenous communities of old.

This empire also required a re-education and media system, to further demoralize the already demoralized slaves into accepting their narrative of conquest as being the only means for uplifting humanity.

That empire will eventually rise to the technological heights it requires to leave the dome, this is NASA’s role to use technology to shatter the dome, pass through the plane shielding, otherwise known as the van Allen radiation belt to leave the plane behind forever.

NASA is also used to shield the unsuspecting public from the reality of the flat earth plane, by providing aerial photos of each plane in the universe, so they seem as if they are planets, but are planes photographed by satellites from an aerial point of view.

This would also mean that those of us who have astral traveled, or had lucid dreams of what we thought was a planet, we were witnessing the plane from a bird’s eye point of view.

NASA was created to aid the Empire’s Magician trick, supply disinformation with one hand, while perform the trick out of view of the audience with the other hand.

Each empire that has ever risen has also fallen, for the sole reason it was created, to dominate and suppress life is to suppress one’s own life.

What these Archon fail to grasp is that they can never leave the plane in their current state of consciousness, for with all of their mechanical cleverness they have no wisdom to recognize they will never be free, unless our species as a whole can learn knowledge of unification, before we are permitted to leave the playpen behind.

The force that we use against others is the force of who we are.

This playpen society was constructed to convert us away from our natural selves, and in abandoning our natural selves we are then accepting the lifestyle of rulers, so we are gradually transforming into them.

Plane Earth is a test of our will, how do we wish to live? Do we wish to become a ruler, and close ourselves off from our feelings, therefore murdering ourselves? Or would we rather be ourselves and work to move outside of the playpen society, so we can truly know ourselves and be ourselves?

The ruler decision forces us to remain within the playpen, where the choice of freedom requires us to exit the playpen, but where do we find the exit to the playpen? The south pole.

Why would all nations of power and influence, create treaties and build military bases in the antarctic to prevent us from exploring these regions? So we cannot break free from their spell of mind/spirit conversion. Consider this if we all had the option to leave the playpen, or get off the grid, we would wouldn’t we?

They do not want us to be free of them, because they need us to need them. This ruling class has routinely stated that we cannot think for ourselves, and we require order to provide our lives with meaning and purpose, but this indicates that they need us and we have been tricked into thinking we need them.

For without us to rule over, they have no function or purpose, they invade our lives with their empty souls, steal our natural resources, turn us against each other with their systems of thought, and hijack us into fulfilling their desires for them, admittedly clever.

They do not want to be left alone, they want to be like us because they hate who they are, the more of us who behave like them, the less alone and anxious they feel. Even in their state of self murder, they still feel the same feelings as the rest of us do, they are still connected in spite of their lifestyles.

Depending on which decision we make, we require programming to achieve those desired goals. So the flat earth plane was designed with ice walls at the edges, so we could assist ourselves in our life’s pursuits. We were never cursed by the aeons, we were blessed with our lives and existence upon this earth plane, but we have cursed ourselves by acquiescing to the ruler path, rather than the path of freedom and infinite spiritual awareness.

There are many who wish to break free from the Archon playpen and live with nature, but unfortunately for them, there is no existing structure anywhere for these souls to immerse themselves into living this natural lifestyle of spirit freedom, which is the freedom to live a life that we choose, rather than a life which society plans for us.

The door to the ultimate destiny of humanity lies at the south pole, and to the regions beyond it. This is the gateway we must reach to become closer to who we truly are, as opposed to who we have been taught that we are, which is captives of a playpen.

There is much that we are unaware of, and this unknown known will cause us anxiety, but there is so much that we did not know that we now know, that we must continue to make the unknown known, for that fear of the unknown is the fear that has enabled the ruling class to rule us.

We require our freedom now more than ever, for fear of what is outside the cage will ensure we remain caged, so we must be willing to break from our cage to free ourselves from our fears.


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