What is Destiny?

Most of us have been taught by many teachers throughout our lives, that we have a destiny and the sooner we accept that destiny the sooner we can have control of the direction of our life.

I feel we have been misinformed about what our lives are, what they can be, and what our destiny is. Rather than our lives being predetermined or set in stone, what if life is what we make of it?

What if whatever we wish to experience we can? If this is true why would be taught to follow a strict script, and to never deviate from that script? Why are we taught to embrace fear? Who benefits from these teachings?

There are many responsible for  programming these ideas into our conscious state, these are the academics, the priests, parents, our fellow undeveloped peer groups, the endless horde of celebrities paraded before us.

The Structure for Societal Sanity has been constructed to burden our subconscious with junk data (lies, misinformation) so we cannot discern between reality and contrived fiction, which as always creates confusion within the targeted population.

Life is a playground, we can experience anything we wish too. We can experience never-ending pleasure, we could experience never ending pain, we could experience some pleasure and some pain, but our life is most dependent upon our priorities.

Whatever priorities we create (or others create for us), will determine our focus and with our focus captured our overall experience can be determined. Whatever our priorities are in our life, will determine where we will end up on the road of life.

One choice will lead to other choices that are similar, but those choices evolve as we evolve due to that experience gathered due to those activities. Whatever choice we make there is a family of other choices that exist on that section of the road to life.

But at any time we can move off of the road whenever we want, but most of us at this point in the road can no longer discern the forest from the trees, or we fall victim to being set in our ways.

So when any alleged gurus, sages, or wise masters speak of us as individuals having one great destiny that we will reach in spite of our best efforts, this is a lie. Life is what we make of it, so our destiny is constantly shifting and evolving determining what our focus and intention is, this is the key to understanding destiny.

Our destiny is whatever we wish it to be, but if we do not enjoy our current life path all we have to do is move on to a different path, and as we shift gears we shift our focus and forge a new destiny for ourselves.

No matter our circumstances there is always another path paved for us to walk, but we will not know it is there if we are not looking for it. Have hope my fellow humans, life is what you make of it, your life is not written in stone, no matter what our circumstances there is always another way.


2 thoughts on “What is Destiny?

  1. Conservative alternative. Words that can be used powerfully.

    Conservative alternative is a template of a society that includes alt-right.

    It also includes far left. Conservative alternative is an identifier that

    signifies that conservative alternative is willing to include pieces of

    everything. We all have individual preferences from all of life. Alt-right

    gets this much. Far left gets that much. It’s all personal. All personal is

    understood. Conservative alternative believes that there is a core value of

    choices that individuals make which align with a successful and loving

    life. We are here to create. A man and a woman create a life. It

    successfully created. Now what? Conservative alternative sees the

    programming that we have been subjected to. Conservative alternative

    laughs at the utter banality of it. Conservative alternative KNOWS,

    absolutely KNOWS, that the financial, military, media, political,

    educational, and medical worlds are as they are because we just allowed

    it. We deferred to another’s thought. We didn’t know. Now we know. We

    have been successfully trained. Conservative alternative knows the power

    of words. Conservative alternative is always said together as one. Never

    abbv :). Conservative alternative allows that a creator has designed a

    system. This system has certain rules. Can’t avoid it. We have noticed,

    over many years of observing, that it has a preference for the creation of

    beautiful things and, in humans, joyous feelings. It has a preference for

    the “hey, this is a successful and rewarding way to live”, and it continues

    to promote manifestations in that direction. Can’t avoid it. We choose

    that direction as well. Conservative alternative knows that the

    mainstream of beautiful things and joyous feelings is currently flawed. We

    use community. We choose what are, to us, rational wisdom’s, to create.

    There is a core of rational wisdom’s. Conservative alternative has heard

    them all but chooses to believe in, yep, we’ve heard it before…….you

    ready?…..it’s family, honor, and compassion. Conservative alternative

    chooses to create all interactions, be it personal, business, or financial,

    through thoughts of their own. Conservative alternative tries to marvel in

    this creation. We all choose what to think. We choose our own

    experiential story as we bump around in this life. But, again, we currently

    believe that there is a core of “good”. It’s family, honor, and compassion

    right now. The best that we can. Those that perhaps hold less in one of

    those, or maybe two, or maybe all three, are still fucking trying. And

    conservative alternative sees that effort as brilliant. We’re trying. That’s

    conservative alternative.

    Please try to use the words conservative alternative as often as possible

    rather than alt-right. Please celebrate alt-right. We can all have multiple

    pieces incorporated in a thought. Some of this, some of that, is okay.

    Please always say the complete words conservative alternative together.

    Please don’t abbreviate conservative alternative. Words can change

    things. I’ve gone down the many rabbit holes with conservative alternative

    and I believe that it can be a help for some. We will be able to see, as it

    gains, the attempts at subjugating it. See the how, where, when, etc. Map

    it. Hey, do what they do, right? I think we can learn a lot.


    • David thank you for your contribution to this discussion.

      I have not designed this website or any of its contents, to impose my point of view to others as the point of view to consider at the expense of all others, for there are many to consider if we wish to gain self-discipline (or perfection).

      I have constructed this website to ask questions of the universe we all share with each other, and to provide an explanation that prompted me to ask these questions of this universe.

      You are free to advocate whatever ideas you wish, as anyone else is entitled to, who would use this forum as an outlet to advocate those ideas.

      There are enough thought police in existence, who forcibly impose their ideas upon others to convert them to their cause.

      I am here simply to present an idea that is all, I do not wish to use this platform to convert others to support whatever code of ethics I may be presenting. What I am here to accomplish is to present options that is all. Thank you for your comments.

      With regards Luke.


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